Why did you choose to come to Northumbria?

After attending various open days around the country, with no intention of staying close to home, I attended my first open day at Northumbria and instantly felt like I fitted in! When attending  the course talks on the day, the staff on my course were the most enthusiastic and engaging I’d encountered at any university so far. There enthusiasm made me even more excited, comfortable and ready than ever to start uni.


What is it about the course that appealed to you?

What appealed to me about the course at Northumbria, was definitely the variation of assessments and the opportunity to do a work experience module in year 2. I really liked the fact that they vary assessment through assignments, debate logs, presentations and exams, which really gives an opportunity for everyone to flourish! As I know personally, I am not an exam-loving person. So by really varying the way in which they assess us, this makes me a lot less worried and anxious during assessment periods. Also, next semester, I am taking a work experience module as part of my course, which is a great way to gain real work experience while still studying towards my degree.


What do you like the most about your course?

A great aspect about my course is that the course size isn’t overwhelming, which means that you really do get to know your classmates and lecturers, making it a lot easier if you need any help or have queries about work, as well as making it easier to socialise outside of lectures…we do love a karaoke night every now and again!


Do you have any advice for anyone applying for your course?

Attend all of the open days and applicant days, and ask all the questions you want to ask! You are going to be studying here or wherever you choose for the next three years, so do your research and ask as many questions as you need to, the lecturers really are so friendly and helpful so don’t be shy!


Do you have any lessons that you want to pass on to fellow students?

When you begin your course, start your assignments as soon as possible!!! I feel as though this is the most cliché of student advice, but I honestly can’t stress this enough. By starting assignments as early as possible, you are able to do the most amount of  reading and research you can and, therefore, improve your standard of work. Even though late nights in the library eating domino’s and necking back the red bulls may seem fun at the time, it certainly isn’t going to get you the grade you are capable of. Not that I am speaking from experience… But seriously, start your assignments as soon as you are given them.


You are involved in the Politics Society. What is your role? What were some highlights?

When I began my degree at Northumbria, myself and a few of my course mates were astounded that there wasn’t already a politics society at Northumbria, so we decided to set one up ourselves. Northumbria Politics society has been a huge success so far, we kick-started the academic year with our big pub quiz and we have various socials and political events planned throughout the year. Being on the committee for the politics society is not only CV enhancing  but is so much fun! I have gained valuable skills through my role as secretary. My role involves minute taking at committee meetings, maintaining communication with members and helping to plan and organise events. I would highly recommend joining societies at university and if you have an idea, start your own!


What are your plans for the future?

My plans are to complete second year in International Relations and Politics, then hopefully undertake a 3rd year in International Business. This is a new scheme for non-business students at Northumbria this year. I will be taking business modules at Northumbria in the first first semester, then study in Amsterdam in the second semester. In Amsterdam, I will be doing business modules and taking part in business clinics with Dutch firms, gaining invaluable experience. Then I will be back to Northumbria, to complete my final year in International Relations and Politics!