Politics Beyond Westminster…

At Politics@Northumbria University we teach and study the complex politics that shape local, national and global processes—as well as everything in between!

With expertise in American, Asian, European, and British politics, our international staff link both the theories and philosophies of politics with practice, action, and engagement in a global and transnational context that takes students beyond Westminster.

We are dedicated to showing that politics happens beyond London and encompasses multiple cities, from the streets of Newcastle, Cairo, to the Council of the European Union in Brussels.  In our teaching as well as research, we focus on politics as a contested process that includes local activism, local government, devolution into regions/UK nations but also from Europe and beyond.

We ensure that our students graduate with the knowledge and applied skills in politics within and beyond traditional approaches through individual and team-taught modules driven by critical research, contemporary debates, and the politics that shape our everyday lives.

We are committed to developing our students’ knowledge and employability skills.  Through student-led activities, such as the Politics Society, formal debates, and informal social gatherings, we take your education seriously and champion group work, public speaking, and engagement with the wider community that has been recognized as the best city for students. Our accredited placement modules  provide our students with a unique applied education that will enable them to participate in politics in the real world.