Ongoing projects

Mohamed Atabo: “A comparative analysis of the social implications of climate change in developed and developing countries: a case study of London and Abuja (supervisor: Keith Shaw)

April McAlpine: “Patronage, water and women (at the margins)”, supervisor: Oliver Hensengerth

Ana Elina Benvenutto: “Standing out from the crowd: the selection of women executive hads in the United Nations system” (supervisor: Kirsten Haack)

Kenneth Ready: “The accidental ambassadors: a qualitative study into mobilised non-radicalisation and its implications for diverting select potential Jihadists in a non-violent, non-extremist and pro-social manner consistent with their crux motivations and values of their communities (supervisor: Craig Mclean)


Recently completed PhD projects

Sue Regan (2018): “The role of women in community-based regeneration”, supervisor: Prof Keith Shaw

Gabriele Giovannini (2017): “The impact of multinational transboundary infrastructure (MTI) on the power of small states: a case study of Laos”, supervisor: Dr Oliver Hensengerth

Klaudia Mierswa (2016): “Cosmopolitanism and asylum seekers in the European Union. Implementation of the asylum acquis in German, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom from 1999-2015. Are EU member states fulfilling their international and EU obligations?”, supervisor: Prof Keith Shaw

Shan Shan (2016): “China’s Energy Security: The Strategic Value of Co-Opetition and HeHe Culture” (2016), supervisor: Dr Kirsten Haack

Jacob Alada (2016): “New Public Management (NPM) Agency and Public Sector Reforms: a case study of Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) in Nigeria”, supervisor: Prof Edoardo Ongaro

John Griffiths (2015): “Mr Newcastle: Assessing the Career of T Dan Smith” (2015), supervisor: Prof Keith Shaw