Ariane Bogain

Senior Lecturer in French and European Politics


Ariane’s research interests lie in French politics and most recently in the discursive construction of terrorism amongst political elites and public opinion in France.


Dr Hannes Cerny

Senior Lecturer in International Relations


ADSS_rachael_chapman_Staffprofile_255Dr Rachael Chapman

Senior Lecturer in Social Sciences
IRP and History & Politics liaison

Rachael’s research interests and expertise focus on public policy and governance, with particular emphasis on issues of representation, democratic legitimacy, partnership, community participation and power. She has ongoing research interests and expertise on partnership working and engagement between statutory partners and the faith and voluntary & community sectors.


ADSS_sarahcohen_Staffprofile_255 Dr Sarah Cohen

 Senior Lecturer in Politics
Programme Leader, Social Sciences Foundation Year

Sarah’s main research interests focus on examining how environmental and economic objectives have been integrated, particularly at the local level of government. Her current focus is exploring how new modes of local ‘governance’ have influenced environmental policy making and implementation. Sarah is also interested in exploring the wider implications of central-local government relations in a changing policy environment. Her current research project examines the effectiveness of local initiatives to improve citizen participation and meet service delivery objectives.


ADSS_siobhandaly_Staffprofile_255Dr Siobhan Daly

Principal Lecturer in Politics
Programme Director CPD and Collaborative Operations

Siobhan’s research focuses broadly on civil society, with a particular interest in philanthropy. In recent years, she has completed projects on community foundations and the roles of charitable foundations in Europe and internationally. Her current research interests include: women and philanthropy; philanthropy and higher education, and exploring the impact of ‘new’ methods and approaches to philanthropy.



Dr Michael Derham

Senior Lecturer in Spanish and Latin American Politics




kristen-haack-2Dr Kirsten Haack

Senior Lecturer in International Politics
Programme Leader BA(Hons) International Relations & Politics

Research interests: international organisations (esp. the UN and comparative approaches), leadership, women in global governance, and democratisation.

I currently research women in international organisations and foreign policy roles (heads of state/govt, foreign/defence/trade ministers, ambassadors) and the question of access, representation and leadership. I am particularly interested in how women influence and make international politics, and how they organise to bring about change. To do this I reconceptualise existing IR and political science frameworks to account for the recent rise in the number of women in this domain, while taking stock of women in these various roles.

oliver-hensengerth-2 Dr Oliver Hensengerth

Senior Lecturer in Politics
Programme Leader MSc International Development


Topics: norm diffusion, translation, localisation; institutional change; environmental and resource politics; transboundary water cooperation; hydropower

Regional focus: China, Cambodia, continental Southeast Asia, Mekong River Basin


ADSS_craigmclean_Staffprofile_100 Dr Craig Mclean

 Senior Lecturer in Politics


andy-mullen-2 Dr Andy Mullen

Senior Lecturer in Politics


Andy’s research interests include European integration and the British Left; European welfare states and the European social model; the Herman-Chomsky Propaganda Model of media performance; state and corporate propaganda.


ADSS_keithshaw_Staffprofile_255Prof Keith Shaw

Professor of Politics

Principal Investigator and project lead for CoGov

Over the last 30 years Keith has researched and published on urban regeneration, local and regional governance, and the community and voluntary sectors.