• Investigating political apathy in North East England
  • An exploration into the failings of descriptive representation and critical mass theory, highlighting the necessity for increased substantive representation within the UK parliament
  • A study, using the theory of ecological modernisation, of the social impact of the lack of investment, derived from austerity, on renewable energy policy in the UK
  • Does the Emergence of Far-right parties cause ideological movement on the part of centre-right parties? A historical comparative analysis of Fidesz in relation to Jobbik in Hungary
  • From Social Europe to the Third Way: assessing how the core stimuli behind the Labour Party’s Europeanisation between 1983 and 1994 influenced the Party’s subsequent abandonment of the European Social Model in favour of a Third Way vision for Europe
  • A study into the use of traditional and non-traditional campaign methodologies to gain success in US presidential elections, with specific reference to the Barack Obama campaigns of 2008 and 2012


  • Was the 2003 Iraq invasion just: applied through a jus ad bellum framework? 
  • Is the British and American foreign policy regarding Bahrain, Yemen and Syria consistent with their claimed commitment to always support democracy and human rights?
  • Using the International Relations theories of Liberalism, Realism and Marxism, soft power, and studying the cases of Ukraine and Algeria; is the European Union’s integration through the Eastern neighbourhood Policy based upon energy security for the West?
  • Based on the civil war within Somalia between 1991-1994, who bore the responsibility to protect throughout the conflict?
  • The development of peace: to what extent are development indicators a useful measure of success for United Nations peacekeeping?
  • The failure of the United Nations in Bosnia: with a case study on Srebrenica
  • Assess the impact the Millennium Development Goals have had on human development