Politics beyond Westminster

Author Ariane Bogain

The Politics of Cricket by Jack Roberts

It might seem like a harmless old British pastime, yet cricket can arguably rival football as one of the most politically-charged sports in the world. Here’s why. It was English group 10cc – in their 1978 hit Dreadlock Holiday –… Continue Reading →

Why all politics students should learn a different language – By Sharmin Islam

The economic incentive of learning a language is no longer sufficient. The best way to express the importance of learning languages is by celebrating how it promotes diversity.Shamefully, on average, only 35% of the British population know another foreign language,… Continue Reading →

Dissertation titles

If you are looking for inspiration for your own dissertation, you might want to check out the special page on this website, outlining all the dissertation topics from 2014! Go to “students” and click on “student research”.

Studying abroad: Denmark – by Harry Taylor

The extent of my knowledge of Denmark prior to my arrival was strictly limited to some bold claims stated in a guide to Danish living, generously gifted by my mother shortly before I departed. However, it is only now I… Continue Reading →

Why it was so important that LGBTQ+ history month was celebrated at universities in Newcastle – by Kyle Frazer

February was a time for celebrating love on the 14th, whether with your significant other or a box of Tesco Value wine, a time for realisation that Semester Two had actually started and that you should probably start some work,… Continue Reading →

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