Tackling gender-based violence in universities

Ruth Lewis reflects on progress on this social problem, covered in her recently published book. Harvey Weisntein. #Times Up. #MeToo. Abuse by clergy, sports coaches and politicians. We’re in the midst of a newly-energised conversation about abuse, harassment, sexual violence, and conduct between women and men. For those of us who’ve worked in this fieldContinue reading “Tackling gender-based violence in universities”

Seminar: Power, Culture and Identities Research Group

We are pleased to have Professor Simon Winlow from Northumbria Criminology present at our next seminar, all are welcome to attend. Date: Wednesday 9th of May, 3:30 to 5:00 in Northumberland Building, Room 348 If you would like to attend, please email either Emma (emma.h.casey@northumbria.ac.uk) or Edmund (edmund.coleman-fountain@northumbria.ac.uk) The abstract for his talk is below: Title: RiseContinue reading “Seminar: Power, Culture and Identities Research Group”

The Re-culturalisation of Poverty

Stephen Crossley writes on the re-emergence of cultural explanations of poverty (Slides from Dr Crossley’s recent seminar are available here: The (re)culturalization of poverty policy) Cultural explanations of poverty have a long (and largely evidence-free) pedigree but the more specific and explicit theory of a ‘culture of poverty’ can be traced back to the work ofContinue reading “The Re-culturalisation of Poverty”

Introducing the Power, Culture and Identities Research Group

Northumbria Sociology’s new research group will promote social research at Northumbria University The Power, Culture and Identities research group aims to bring together social researchers working in the Department of Social Sciences and beyond, providing a focal point for debate and collaboration. Below we introduce the idea behind the group and give information about our forthcomingContinue reading “Introducing the Power, Culture and Identities Research Group”