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This is the blog of the Sociology team in the Department of Social Sciences at Northumbria University. These pages provide information about our research and teaching in the Department.

For Departmental information and more information on taught programmes, please see the Department of Social Sciences webpage.

About the Sociology BSc programme at Northumbria

Sociology at Northumbria transforms our students’ lives so that they can change communities, organisations and societies, both locally and globally. The degree examines inequalities such as racism, patriarchy, and poverty to help students imagine different, better futures based on social justice. At the heart of our degree is a focus on intersecting identities such as ethnicity, gender, class, sexuality and dis/ability. As well as valuing students’ individual identities, we also support students to think critically about how identities are shaped and changed by the world.

Acquiring advanced sociological knowledge and skills in critical thinking enables our students to leave with a unique set of personal and professional skills. Having worked with organisations at every stage of the degree to address real world problems, students are inspired to apply their sociological imagination to create positive social transformation.

Programme Leader

Edmund Coleman-Fountain

Edmund Coleman-Fountain is currently programme leader for the BSc in sociology.

You can email him at: edmund.coleman-fountain@northumbria.ac.uk

Meet the rest of the team

Emma Casey
Mark Cieslik
Darryl Humble
Ruth Lewis
Seema Patel
Carol Stephenson
Steve Taylor