Greenham Women … then and now

Dr Ruth Lewis reflects on the Greenham Women: Actions and Impacts, Then and Now event held in Newcastle Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp is a powerful part of the history of women’s activism and peace activism. In the summer of 1983, thousands of women from across the country participated in the Star Marches – aContinue reading “Greenham Women … then and now”

Making Sense of Happiness and Well-being?

Mark Cieslik, Northumbria University and David Bartram, University of Leicester explore how happiness research is on the rise The growing interest in happiness and well-being? The contemporary interest in well-being began in the 1950s with the World Health Organisation developing new ways of measuring and promoting international development. This was the beginning of efforts toContinue reading “Making Sense of Happiness and Well-being?”

50 Years of Sociology at Northumbria!

The 2014-2015 academic year marks 50 years of Sociology at Northumbria. Despite the different names and configurations as a college, collection of colleges, polytechnic and now university Sociology has been delivered on the city campus for 50 years! Throughout the year there will be blog posts, discussions and events as the department marks this specialContinue reading “50 Years of Sociology at Northumbria!”

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the Sociology at Northumbria blog! This is where you can find out about the programme, the staff,  events happening within the department and what we think about important social issues.